Excitement and thrills: a middle grade action adventure

Twitterbackground captureCRIME TRAVELERS: BRAINWASHED is a novel aimed for the preteen market and it hits the mark. The book follows thirteen-year-old Lucas Benes, a typical kid who sleeps on the roof of a hotel somewhere on the Strip in Vegas, saves kidnapped babies and rappels through windows. This happens at the start of the book as a way to get things going and soon the story blossoms into an international adventure.
Lucas is the part of a group of teens fighting the GOOD Company, an organization that is anything but good. The company does many bad things along the way, going to the extremes of kidnapping children and selling them into servitude in armies across Africa and Southeast Asia.
But don’t be too alarmed, this tale only talks about the deepest evils and always keep its focus on the kids as they outwit other kids and the bad, but semi-inept, adults running the bad guys.
Racing from Las Vegas and whirling though all the major attractions in Paris, this is more of a travelogue than nefarious story and kids from 10 on up should relish it’s campy flavor of excitement and thrills. Crime Travelers starts fast then speeds up to a rousing conclusion that also leaves enough doors and windows open for a well-anticipated sequel.
I won this book through Goodreads and enjoyed every minute of it. I give it four stars only because I feel that once the author, Paul Aertker, really gets started, the stories will be better yet.

From Goodreads:

More info at http://www.crimetravelers.com

Amazon link here: http://www.amazon.com/Brainwashed-Crime-Travelers-Paul-Aertker/dp/194013711XGargoyle (1)


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